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You are The Key

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Our Birthday

Choosing the perfect name proved to be a challenge for our Soul Founder and Owner Kelly Scanlan, as she spent over 6 weeks pondering this very thing. She wanted our name to deeply represent everything, to be inspirational to others and to really divulge the fact that we all have the inner power to evolve.

After 6 weeks Kelly awoke from an intense dream during the night, in which the Name Quantum Quay was gifted to her in dreamtime.

It was perfectly imperfect!



Quantum, best described as a measure of quantity 

Quay (pronounced Key) a safe structure to use for a landing place

Keys open locked doors

The central letter to our name is U


“You are at the Centre of your universe and it is always about you”




                        You are The Key


Our Vision

We embrace a Global Vision of True-Self connection and Union between all individuals for evolution, unity, inner peace and the enjoyment of life from unconditional love.


Our Mission

We know that all great change begins with Self and we therefore endeavour to raise individual consciousness by bringing an increased awareness of True-Self, through discovery and exploration.

It is our honour to divinely serve through the sharing of wisdoms, knowledge, ancient spiritual teachings and promotion of self-development, to ALL whom seek to enhance their own life and evolution.