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 Kelly Scanlan Psychic Medium


Kelly integrates all of her unique gifts within a reading, connecting with the Spirit World in a compelling and natural manner. She allows the spontaneity of Spirit to flow, allowing your entire reading to be guided by both you and Spirit.

Being an instrument to the Spirit World Kelly directly channels vast amounts of information to you which may include: past, present, future, Spirit Guides, Soul purpose and messages from passed over loved ones including animals.

 Readings with Kelly are described as phenomenally accurate, uplifting, very specific to you and evidence based.

Kelly provides readings for self-empowerment, guidance, healing and clarity in all areas of your life, for validation by you that love and life exist beyond the physical.


During Your Reading 

Recording or note-taking is highly recommended due to the large volume of information given and as information can often make sense to you after the reading, or at a point in the future.

Objects and photos are not required for Kelly to make connection with your passed over loved ones, but you are encouraged  to bring anything that you may feel guided or inspired to bring.

Kelly is passionate about following the core ethical principle of Beneficence and the Spiritual Law of Self-Responsibility.

Readings with Kelly are by no means for entertainment purposes as Kelly values all life journeys as a sacred and serious path.

You are encouraged to take what information resonates with you and to know at all times, that YOU have the free will to choose to take control over your sacred path.


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Private Reading Options – World Wide



At Quantum Quay Sanctuary on the Sunshine Coast (Palmwoods, QLD Australia)

  Video / Phone

Video requires a stable internet connection – platforms Zoom /Skype/ Facebook Messenger


Private Reading Cost 

$120.00 for a total consultation time of 60 minutes

NEW: $80.00 for a total consultation time of 30 minutes


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