About Kelly Scanlan Psychic Medium

A warm welcome to the about Me section!

We all have a story and mine is not that super exciting…well compared to some of the amazing and phenomenal stories out there that I have heard! I was born a Medium (as all mediums are) but as a child had no idea that hearing and seeing Spirit was unusual…yet I never told anyone what I was experiencing or how I would have to drown out the Spirit voices with music when trying to sleep each night! I guess somewhere deep inside I knew that I was very different to my parents and siblings. But not so different from my beautiful Grandmother…for she spent years reading tea leaves to anyone she could.

Life progressed as I grew in age and I learnt to shut the door on my gifts and focus on the material plane, building myself an enriching career in nursing and travelling the world. But my love of having psychic readings never closed…I always managed to find myself having a reading somewhere and of course not listening to a word that was given! Especially to a reading back in 2000 when the Psychic Medium told me I would be ‘very spiritual’ in my early 30’s…fast forward to February 2016 (yes my early 30’s)  and I finally began listening.

It hit me like a tornado. I opened back up like a can of worms. Opened Pandora’s box. How? Well you’ll have to come to my workshops to find out hahaha …I was at the peak of my nursing career, thought I had my life all planned out! It took me over a year to accept this change and to really prepare for what I knew to be coming. I met some beautiful teachers, friends and other mediums along the way…lost many too…and now I am finally listening, following my Inner Calling, coming out of that ‘Spiritual Closet’ in 2018 to share my gifts with the world.

I know first hand that life can be so very challenging as most of my life time has been surrounded by grief, trauma and death. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. It has shaped me to be whom I really am today. To be My True-Self.

May you find your True-Self too,

With Gratitude Kelly xxx


Qualifications  & Credentials 

  • Natural Born Psychic Medium
  • Registered Nurse with The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency
  • Reiki Siechem Master Practitioner
  • Angelic Divine Blueprint Healing Practitioner
  • Bachelors Degree in Science, Nursing
  • Diploma in Metaphysics and Parapsychology
  • Bachelors Degree in Pre -Law Studies
  • Founder and CEO of Quantum Quay
  • Invited member of The Golden Golden Key International Honour Society
  • Just being myself

Mediumship Study 

Kelly has studied and performed mediumship demonstrations with some of the worlds most renowned and respected mediums:

  • Mavis Patilla – Author Findlay College
  • Debbie Mewes – Australian Academy of Spirit
  • Helen Davita – Author Findlay College
  • Christian Adams – Canberra Psychic Centre
  • Simone Keys – Author Findlay College


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